• プラスチックリサイクル造粒機プラスチックリサイクル造粒機
      1. S-DFC150i Two Stage Plastic Recycling Machine for processing squeezed PE film
        plastic recycling machine equipped with side feeder _process PE film
        HDPE flakes recycling _Two stage plastic recycling machine_side feeding_chemical bottle
        Two Stage side feeding recycling machine for Agriculture film recycling
        KRIEGER Series Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine
        KRIEGER -85 Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine.
        Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine
        KRIEGER 100_cutter compactor plastic recycling machine_3 in 1
        3 in 1 Plastic Recycling Machine
        CaCO3 Compounding Plant
        Conical Twin Screw Force Feeding Hot Die Pelletizing Plant
        Underwater Pelletizing Plant
        SPR series strand pelletizing /recycling machine for Polycarbonate recycling
        Strand pelletizing recycling machine for TPU scraps_Taiwan
        KRIEGER 100 Cutter Compactor Recycling machine_LDPE film
        KRIEGER series reycling machine for PP raffia recycling , woven bag recycling
        KRIEGER 65 test running with HDPE film, HDPE t-shirt bag recycling
  • プラスチック圧搾脱水機プラスチック圧搾脱水機
      1. DW-300 Squeeze Dryer / Screw press dryer for LDPE film
        DW-300 LDPE squeeze dryer
        DW-300 LLDPE squeeze dryer
        DW-300 LDPE squeeze dryer
        DW 350 squeezing machine for PP woven bag
        DW 350 squeezing machine for PP jumbo (woven) bag
        DW 300 squeezing dryer for PP woven bag
        DW-350 squeeze dryer for PE Agricultural film recycling in Taiwan
  • プラスチックリサイクル洗浄ラインプラスチックリサイクル洗浄ライン
      1. LLDPE film washing line_Stretch film washing line_washing plant
        LLDPE Silage wrap film washing line_Recycling line_Washing plant
        PE Film Washing Plant
  • 粉砕機&破砕機粉砕機&破砕機
      1. Single Shaft Shredder
        Double Shaft Shredder
  • 菱形メッシュネッティングマシン菱形メッシュネッティングマシン
      1. PE Diamond Mesh Netting Machine
        PE Diamond Mesh Extrusion Plant